Monday 31 March 2014

Hillarys Blind Country Crafts Fabric Competition Part Two

Continuing the Saga of the Useful Skirt. Part One is here.
I must apologise for my photographs. As my laptop was away I had to use my tablet which does not have a macro function, and apart from that I am not the best photographer.

So far I have cut out the pieces, using the Calluna fabric from the Country Retreat range, fitted them to Diana and sewn the darts on the back. Then I placed both back on front on Diana to make sure they matched.

Putting Back and Front on Diana

When happy I sewed the side seams together.

But only went up a few inches on the left side as I wanted to be able to get it on and off (naturally) and therefore needed a fastening.

Please bear in mind that I was doing this as I was going along, with pattern. Therefore some of the things I did might have been better done earlier.  Anyway, I then thought about the facing. I used more of the lovely fabric and some interfacing.
Thinking About Facing

When the facing was sewn on, I then proceeded to make a placket for the fastening. Before watching the latest British Sewing Bee episode, I had know idea what a placket was although I had obviously had one on a garment before.  I kind of did one without really knowing what to do. But it worked. I have a little flap of fabric onto which I sewed hook and eyes to fasten up the skirt. And when they are fastened you cannot see them.

The Placket

Oh I have just looked up placket, and it is the whole opening not just the flap of fabric - '
noun: placket; plural noun: plackets
  1. 1.
    an opening or slit in a garment, covering fastenings or giving access to a pocket, or the flap of fabric under such an opening.'

This is the skirt finished. I hand sewed the hem.   At this stage you may notice it looks a bit wider than in Part One. That is because it is. After I sewed the seams I tried it on and it was too small, so I redid the seams. So please try it on yourself before sewing the seams. (You really get a good idea about my prowess as a confident, knowledgeable sewer, don't you?!)

And here is the skirt on me! Done. And I am rather pleased with it.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Fabric Competition Part One

I like competitions as they challenge you. So I was excited to see this competition by Hillarys Blinds.
I chose the lovely Calluna Amethyst fabric, from the Country Retreat range, and when it arrived I waited for it to speak to me and tell me what it wanted to be!

It took a while as I knew I did not want to make a bag but was not sure what I did want.  But inspiration came as I thought how much I need more tunics to wear over my leggings and jeggings, and skinny jeans.  What about a little skirt which would come to the same length of a tunic but would also be a useful skirt?

I made a quick sketch on the bus one day.

After washing and drying and ironing the fabric, I started to create the shape I wanted with the help of Diana, my mannequin.

The back of the skirt
I started by creating shape with darts.

At this stage everything is still just pinned.

I am aiming for a slight A line, and used one skirt to give me the other side, by folding the fabric in half along the back line.

I then used the back to help me cut the fabric for the front, trying to keep the pattern in line.

NEXT PART - finishing the useful skirt.

Friday 14 March 2014

A Walk in the Fog

After dropping my daughter off at school, and armed with my camera, I went for a short walk to the park and creek near us.

Trees in the park


A feather caught in the grass

I need to work on my macros shots. I think for these type of photos I do need a tripod as I wobble a bit.

an old boat in the creek

There is a path that goes round the Creek. 

But today I decided not to go there!