Monday 3 August 2009

Summer Days - Monday

It is the Summer holidays. I am not at work for another five weeks and so I am looking forward to a summer full of fun with Mary. Hopefully I will remember to take my camera so I can record our days.
Today we went to the city centre park.
I watched Mary playing.

I admired my red shoes.
I had a lie down and looked up.

And looked up some more.
Then we went to the library. Mary has a pose which she turns on every time now.
On the way there we had picked up a parcel from the Post Office. It was for Mary - Make your own nail varnish kit from kid's kits. Mary could not wait to try it. When we got home she rushed to do it without taking off her bag or hat. I pulled off her hat as you can see by her messy hair.
I will report more about the nail varnish kit next time.
Our first day together was good fun. More tomorrow.


cherylline said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me.

Izabela said...

you had a lovely day! and so many more coming ;)