Monday 13 August 2012

A Cake for My Father

Wednesday is my Dad's 80th birthday, but he doesn't like that number so I won't mention it again, ok?
On Sunday we went to The Still & West, Old Portsmouth for a celebration lunch, and we all had a lovely time.

Previously my two sisters and I had got together and decided to get Dad a cake. Since this was about the week before we realised we had left it too late to order one, so we bravely/stupidly/wisely  made the decisions to buy a plain one and decorate it ourselves !

So thank you Waitrose for the plain iced cake. It was great.

We popped to a couple of cake decoration shops and bought some packs of coloured pre-made icing.  Now I have never ever decorated a cake before so my expectations were not great.  However, the three of us managed to come up with this :

Mum and Dad love Austria and try and go once a year.  Mum used to ski, so she is the one on the right on skis. Dad is sitting, leaning on his rucksack, with a tankard of beer (bier) by his side, and books. There is a chalet and a lake (with duck) and trees in the background.

I did my mum's head, the lake, duck and trees. I did do Mum's body originally but my sister Claire redid it as I don't think Mum would appreciate looking like a fat red lump.

Do you think Dad liked it?

I think he did!

Also so did my daughter.

While decorating, I searched for ideas on how to make the fir trees and didn't find anything.  So I came up with the idea myself.  So in a few posts time I will post a tutorial on how to make them.


Dotty said...

You all did such a fantastic job- the cake looks amazing and professional! I bet it gave your Dad a chuckle- he looks very pleased. Glad he had such a wonderful celebration with his family. Happy Birthday BBB's Dad :D

Jennifer Rose said...

that looks great! :D much better then buying pre made figures

Anonymous said...

Love it. You all did a great job with the cake. Just as good as a bought one.