Wednesday 15 August 2012

A Picture for My Father

It was Dad's 80th Birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad!

What do you get someone who doesn't really need or want anything? (At least he said he didn't when I asked him)

I thought how about something unique? Yes, I answered. So Mary and I painted him a picture of her, me and him.  Now you can tell I am not a good painter as I did Mary (on the right).  She did the rest, more or less.  I love her painting - it is full of life and energy.  The people really are happy.  I also like the red colour that she has used to do my hair.

The artist at work.

Concentrate on the painting and not on Spongebob, Mary!

Our palette.

The finsihed work of art. My Dad, Me and Mary.

Dad like it lots and lots.


Heather Leavers said...

I think that's lovely! Mary's art is lovely, exuberant and just how it should be. It's a shame we (well, some of us!) lose that go-for-it energy as we leave childhood.

Dotty said...

It's brilliant! It is such a special gift.