Friday 25 September 2009

Lost and Found

I was a bit daft.
My bike was round my mum's but she needed the space. So I thought I would put it in an empty shed in the garden. Now our garden is a communal one for the 5 flats which is fine however, it has a back entrance so you can walk through from the front gate and go to the back gate and I have caught a couple of kids using this route to cut off a corner on their way somewhere.

But I still put the bike in the shed which had no lock. Although I did lock up my bike.

I woke up yesterday morning and saw the shed door open. Uh oh and to confirm my dread indeed the bike was gone. That is that then, I thought. The little **** have probably dumped it and this upset me more than the thought of someone stealing it to ride it.

So got Little Blue ready for school and off we went. Walking along the road I saw a bike leaning against a wall. 'I wonder if that is my bike' I said. And off my girl ran to have a closer look. IT WAS! It was still locked up and you could see evidence of them trying to cut through the lock and failing. Ha Ha!! The only thing I have noticed is that the chain is off. I put my girl on the seat and wheeled her to school then took the bike home.
It is sitting looking at me now, pride of place in my lounge.

And then I get to my course to find out it is only a giving back essays and feedback on them session. I got an A and a B. And had time to go home watch Bargain Hunt and have lunch with Mr BBB before work.

So a good day after a rotten start.

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louise35flower said...

Wow glad your got your bike back, but most of all well done for the essays!!