Friday 4 March 2011

Falling into a Pit of Doldrums

I am feeling a bit of a creative bleugh at the moment.

I haven't made anything original for ages. And do not seem to have to impetus to do so.

I am able to rush and make things when challenged as for the surprise craft fair before Christmas. But most other times I am slumped on my couch.

And living in a tiny flat with 2 others, and having to tidy away each time doesn't help. I know others work in a similar environment and thrive, or at least get on with it, but I cannot.  I would love to have a studio and just have 'my stuff' around me to dip in when I want.

I did make a little owl for Mr BBB. I had found a fantastic little book in a charity shop called 'The Cute Book' - see here.  Made a cat and a dog for Mary. Then felt inspired to design something of my own. So I looked for pictures of baby owls and based my design on one.  Made a pattern and then hand made the little owl.

So I can do it.

Maybe someone could jab me with a stick or something.

Anyway before I fall into the pit of doldrums, I thought writing in my blog would be the first step to getting my backside of my couch.

We will see.


louise35flower said...

I always find a change of scene helps, just a walk or a trip out with a different aim, maybe take a camera and set yourself a mini project, or visiting a craft gallery. I also have a big scrapbook that I paste pictures from magazines and catalogues into, either doing it or just flicking through can spark me up again xx

noodleBubble said...

Bless you - the weather doesn't help when there's endless grey outside...

Sending Hugs and am looking forward to your next blog post -