Thursday 27 September 2007

Nothing new made...

...but lots of ideas.
I have been working in my new job and when I am not at work I am asleep (or almost). However I have spent a lot of today looking at etsy. My little princess has been playing with the cat and her (the princess's not the cat's) Prince so I have had time to potter about on the Internet.
I want to make her a pair of princess slippers with sequins and things but so far have not found a pattern. I think I might just sit down and invent my own pattern.
My mum gave me some fabric and I am going to make myself a bag. I bought stiff interfacing which I will use as I want it to be a clutch bag/purse.
As I have not made anything or even started on anything I have no photos but as soon as I have done or started a project I will keep you posted.

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