Monday 16 April 2012

New Website - still work in progress

My new website is still very much a  work in progress. I suppose a website is an ever growing and changing thing.  I wanted to have mainly a place where people can find me, then be directed off to the right place to find out more or buy my work.  I do hope that is what I have got.

I have just added a blog to the website too.  This blog is about me, my family, and my sewing.  The blog on my website will be more about the work that I make and sell. But do not worry if you only read this blog, as I will still keep you informed about my work.

I would love it if you went and had a look at my website, and visited the different pages.  Like I said, it is still being worked on so please be patient.  If you see any glaring errors do let me know.

Thank you


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Christmas Pie Crafts said...


I was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and as I love your blog, I would like to nominate you for this Award too. Full details of the Award can be found on my blog post:

On Friday’s I have a guest blog spot and it would be great if you could become one of my guest bloggers? Your post can be on something to do with your business, life in general, family, pets, etc, approximately 600 – 700 words including 3 or 4 pictures. You can contact me on

Good luck with your website