Friday 7 March 2008

Vintage Items on etsy.

There has been, probably for ever, a hooha on etsy from some people who don't think Vintage items should be sold on etsy as its primary function is for handmade items to be bought and sold. Fair enough. However, I love seeing vintage on etsy and I think if you like handmade then you are probably the sort of person who also likes vintage.

Anyway I have added two vintage items on my etsy shop. These are prints that I purchased years ago when I had a bookstall at a book fair. I haven't had them on the wall, and they were just gathering dust (literally). I think some clever etsy person will come up with wonderful ways of using them in their work, or just frame them and put them on the wall. I just hope that they do not cut them up.

Here are the listings and

They are original illustrations from newspapers. One from 1925 and one from 1913.

1 comment:

article-girl said...

I like browsing Etsy for vintage items too. I love the French Fashions illustration :)

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