Thursday 16 October 2008

It is Tea Time

Have you ever been taken aback by the sheer genius of someone? Well, I have just recently.

Sit down make yourself a nice pot if tea and have a lovely cake. Because I would like to introduce you to a fellow seller on
etsy and folksy, the wonderful genius that is British Cream Tea.
British Cream Tea is a talented crafts person who makes the most wonderful and stunningly realistic felt sculptures. They are so realistic that every time I look at her shop, I salivate!

My poor partner has to put up with me gasping – ‘and she has made this, look, look!’ every few seconds.

When I get some me money I am going to buy myself a stick of rock with Southsea running though it, and maybe one day a whole plate full of cream cakes.

The most recent cake is this cream slice. Isn’t it fantastic? The crisp pastry is just waiting to be bit into, and the cream ooze out.
So go one, visit British Cream Tea at her folksy or etsy shop, you will not be disappointed.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

ha never seen felt turned into food! very cool..

Anonymous said...

Her work is gorgeous! Especially love the pudding :)

I've just looked at Folksy too...would be interested in joining when they allow international sellers.

Bigbluebed said...

chatond - I think it is still in beta testing stage anyway at the moment. So here's hoping.

Boo's Jewellery said...

My husband was just gasping over my shoulder at her soft boiled egg and soldiers. I've no idea how she makes fabric shapes so convincing, I think they're gorgeous.

Bagladee said...

Hi Alexandra,
Congratulations you won my blog Give Away!!! Please send your contact details to so that I can get your prize in the post you to asap so you have it plenty of time before Halloween! Emma xx

Unknown said...

Blue...thank you, thank you, thank you *beams*

Oh and i tagged you on my blog...see it for more info ;)

Thought it would be good to pimp a few UK etsians!!

Ouissi x