Saturday 21 February 2009

Shopping and Ferdinand!

Green Frog
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Yesterday my sister and I went on one of our regular (every few months!) trips visiting charity shops and having a good rummage.

So there we were thinking it was about time for a cup of coffee. I always look down as I am walking and saw this thing on the ground in front of my sister's foot. 'Don't look!' I yelled and shoved her (I am not very good in a crisis). We looked back and it was like a frog. She had sort of stepped on it but my warning cry had made her move in time not to squash it. We thought it was dead anyway.

We talked about where it might be from, crossed the road and walked back. We could see people walking past having a look so we crossed back over. It was a frog and it was alive but looked like it had hurt its leg. It certainly wasn't moving.

Anyway I warded off ferocious dogs, gave her my cloth shopping bag, a shop owner gave her a box, and my sister picked it up.

We walked to a pet shop and a helpful customer told us where there was a vets so we walked there. The frog livened up and kept jumping up and hitting my sis's hand. I got a bit hysterical at thoughts of it jumping out at me (I told you I was no good!).

Vet took the frog. So it is either out of its miseries or on its way to a wildlife place.

Oh and Ferdinand? That is what my sister called it.

We were pretty happy with ourselves - Frog Rescuers. (Well, she was a lot more of a rescuer than me!).


Heather Leavers said...

oh I love frogs! I keep going out to the garden and looking at the pond, hoping they've reappeared for their spring naughtiness - nothing yet though.

Sweetpea4kids said...

Did you not even try and kiss it?? Guess he may have been trying to kiss you for rescuing him. Lovely story!

Midnightcoiler said...

Hope he's ok and relocated to a nice waterside area.

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet :) Frogs are great! I love to see them in my garden, keeping all those slugs away :)

Claire said...

Your Sister sounds like a real heroine ! . Aren't you lucky . I wish I had a brave sister . !

FishStikks said...

Lots of frog stories out there these days it seems. Poor froggy, I hope he's doing better now.