Tuesday 13 July 2010

A Cosy For Your Cuppa

Hello. I am posting this direct from the facebook page as some of you do not use facebook. But this is the link if you do .

Please read as it is awful that builders can get away with treating someone' house this way. I know that when someone is in trouble then the whole craft community is wonderful at rallying round.

''A COSY FOR YOUR CUPPA... You know it makes sense!!

- Keep your beverage of choice warm and yummy for longer...
- You save waste: no more chucking out stone-cold cuppas!
- Look after your poor hands; no more burnt fingers on too-hot-to-hold mugs and cups!
- Be a trend setter and the envy of your family, friends and work colleagues with your outfit-coordinated, STATEMENT colour cup cosy!!
- Buy a little street cred: get yourself the latest in stylish accessories whilst NOT breaking the bank.

AND not only will you be supporting a small HANDMADE home business, but [most important and basically my reason for doing this!] helping my friend Ann and her lovely family towards fixing their home, which has been ravaged, wrecked and generally ruined by a thoroughly incompetent builder.

Visit Ann's Etsy shops and find your future cup cosy here:

You can view her cup cosies and other handmade gifts and goodies on her blog: http://snowdropsanddaisies.wordpress.com/

...read about what has happened to her home here:

...and contact her with questions, or ideas and suggestions that may help here: snowdropsanddaisies@gmail.com

Please COSY UP YOUR CUPPA! and help get word around by sharing these links with your Facebook friends and contacts, or even blogging or tweeting.

Thanks so much everyone!
Maisy xx
[aka Jeanette]''
Well that was my lovely friend Maisy who wrote the above and created the facebook event.
And this is me.
(aka Bigbluebed).xxx

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Anonymous said...

yay! thanks for spreading the word, alix! xx