Wednesday 3 November 2010

Button Wednesday - Google it!!

I didn't really know what to do for Button Wednesday this week.  So I thought I would put buttons in Google and see what comes up. What a lot, and lot, and lot and lot.  But what is much more fun to do is to put the work buttons in the Google IMAGE search. This way you can look through the lovely images (ignoring the badges and computer buttons etc.). And if there is anything that appeals click on it to see where it came from.

So this way I found a couple of great tutorials for making your own buttons.

Click on the links to go and have a look:

How to Make Singleton Buttons

How to Make 9  Hole Buttons (and a fantastic idea for embroidering letters on them).

So go explore and have fun.

For more Button Wednesdays pop over to P8 Buttons & Fabrics blog.


zsazsazsu said...

very nice tutorials ! Thanks for sharing

kraplap said...

great finds Alix ! Thanks for your contribution !!

Viktoria said...

cool tutorials! worth to try!