Tuesday 14 February 2012

Children's Workshop

On Sunday I was fortunate to have a craft stall at the Love Southsea Market in the wonderful setting of the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth.

I also did the children's workshop which had the theme of Valentine.  I had the idea of having them make felt hearts, and cut out the pieces and made one as an example.

It is very simple design and soon I will do a tutorial for you.

The workshop was a great success and I am sure the children enjoyed themselves and it was nice for them to have something they were able to take home with them.

The table awaiting the children.

The first child - actually my daughter Mary

2 of the many hearts made that day.
I would love to do more of these and I am actually thinking of doing children's parties - where I visit people's houses and do a little sewing workshop for the children. Good idea?


Heather Leavers said...

Sweethearts - most appropriate. I think the sewing parties would be fun. The boys in particular loved sewing when I was a teacher and few of them had ever had opportunities to try it at home. Not sure many boys would choose sewing as a party activity though (shame!)

Lovealittle said...

Sewing parties are fun, I did them for my kids.

You could make kits for parties for your Etsy shop maybe?

Lovely hearts :)