Thursday 1 March 2012

Snowy Dog!

It is World Book day again.  This is a day when children are encouraged to dress up in a character from a book. Ignoring the Disney Princess dresses, my girl decided to be Snowy.  If you do not know Snowy is - he is Tintin's dog. 

Last year she was as Tintin himself.  Next year she is thinking of going as Captain Haddock!

Anyway over the last couple of days (as I always leave things to the last minute) I have been busy sewing. Mary has been getting more and more excited..and at last the day has arrived.

Here she is in the hood.

This photo shows the big paws.

 Over the years, I have lots of Mary dancing down the garden.

Int his photo you might be able to see the paws in more detail. I made, out of the white fur, a pair of fingerless mittens.  Then I made the paws separately and stuffed them. Then sewed them on top of the mittens. Hopefully she will be able to write without taking them off.

Looking forward to next year. Maybe I should start sewing now? Nah.


Dotty said...

You did a great job- Mary looks fabulous and so happy!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love it! And I am a Tintin fan too - She must've been SO pleased with that ;)