Monday 7 October 2013

Patchwork Cushion Day Two

I know it seems like Day Two has come around quickly but worry not.  Day One was Saturday and Day Two was Sunday. I finished the patchwork  too late to take a photo so here is one I took this morning before I did any more to it.

I have another strip ready to add and then I need to think about the borders and backing and indeed whether it is big enough.

I do like this but next time I am going to use some brighter fabrics.


Anonymous said...

interesting that you do it in strips. I've always done it in hexagons joined to hexagons. Then each 'flower' joins. aren't the joins fiddly?

pennydog said...

I have one of these projects to do on the plane in a couple of weeks :) I like to hand stitch from time to time but I baste differently so I can reuse the papers as I go and don't need to snip off the threads. I should try it this way too really to see which I prefer working with.

Bigbluebed said...

Toot - no, not fiddly at all. I was thinking of the pattern being stripes almost.

I did try a different way of sewing them up and confused myself. So I saw this way on the internet and tried it.

Bigbluebed said...

Kerry - I saw your method on your blog and it something I might try but to be honest I find this way fine and I can reuse the paper pieces if the paper is thick enough.