Tuesday 18 February 2014

Taking part in a Textile ATC Swap

In the Autumn of 2013 I took part in a textile art card swap, organised by Very Berry Handmade.  I had seen the earlier one and regretted not taking part, so as soon as I saw the Autumn one, I signed up.

The theme was Autumn and after a bit of thought I decided to go with a tree or leaf. Walking to work one day I saw a lovely coloured leaf and that inspired me to concentrate on a leaf and its beautiful colours.

An art card is 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. In this swap it had to be textile.

I do like embroidery and mostly do it free-hand. The last bit of this type of sewing was a card for my sister's wedding.

Using a real leaf as my inspiration, I drew a leaf noticing how the veins grow from the base. Then I cut out my leaf shape, pinned it onto my fabric, then using little green stitches traced around it. So I was left with the leaf shape on little stitches. 

Then I used a couple of colours together and did a split stitch.  I had wanted to use split stitch since watching a documentary that talked about medieval textiles, an example can be seen here.

The leaf. You can see the outline green stitches.
Finished and mounted onto card.
The Finished Art Card
When finished I made a fabric, card, fabric sandwich to make it firm.

And then I sent it off. The recipient kindly gave me lots of positive feedback and I am so pleased she liked it.

I sent my card to one person, and another one sent one to me.

And when it came in the post it was so lovely I nearly cried.

This wonderful card has been made by Chris Butler, she was so thoughtful and seeing that we had been to Belgium and loved it, made a card based on the houses in Bruges.

It sits on my mantelpiece and will one day be framed.

And so to the next swap. I have signed up as soon as it was announced and I am sorry to tell you that it is now full, so keep an eye out later in the year on Very Berry's website for any future swaps (her website is lovely anyway).

Joining in with a swap like this makes you consider techniques and materials that you might not usually use. It really stretches me creatively and I love that.


Nic :) said...

awww they are so lovely! Yours is amazing! ♥

Very Berry Handmade said...

So glad you are taking part again this time. I loved the leaf you embroidered last time - gorgeous. And Chris's card to you was also so sweet and thoughtful. :-)

Alina said...

wow these are fantastic! You have a true talent http://fairytaleprettypicture.co.uk

Rose said...

That's such an awesome idea. It's always so lovely to get post too : )