Wednesday 11 June 2014

Osbaston Mud, Glorious Mud

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  That is the sound of our laptop getting up and running. It is soooo slow.

But it is awake now so I thought I would, as promised share some more photos of our Easter holiday which now seems ages ago.

Did I tell you that I won the holiday? Yep, I did. So a big thanks To Dorset Cereals and to Dandelion Hideaway.

It was a glorious few days, not necessarily with the weather as that first night was very cold especially in a canvas cottage!  But we did have sunshine after that and lovely peace. Ahhh.

We are city dwellers, even if it is a smallish city.  So it was nice to get into the countryside and let my daughter just play. Luckily there were other children on the site and they all teamed up had fun.

This is our glorious canvas cottage inside and out. It had sleeping for six and a bathroom! The little room with the wooden doors with the hearts in it is the child's room which is just a big bed. Mary loved it.


A view of some of the canvas cottages

The wood burning stove

On our patio

It is a goat farm that produces goat milk to be made into butter, cheese and er..milk.
I never realised I was so bright!

The milk tasted just like cow's milk but it is supposed to be better as it is tolerated by our bodies more than milk from a cow. 

They also had pet Shetland ponies which you could groom.

She loved the grooming so much she had to have a good roll to get rid of the feeling!

And of course there were the chickens. I am now a friend of chickens. I would happily sit and chat to them or provide my boots for their pecking amusement.

My daughter had a great time.  She even got involved in a mud fight. And so did I.

Just a little hint here, from one who knows, DO NOT play with mud the night before the morning you leave your holiday. You will never wash out the mud in time.

On the way home we stopped in London and Mart met up with a friend.

I would thoroughly recommend The Dandelion Hideaway. It is a wonderful place.


Unknown said...

Looks amazing, glad you had such a fantastic time :)

Unknown said...

Oh what- you were literally 5-10 miles away from where I live!

pennydog said...

...and that last comment should have been from this account not work's- oops.

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you Karen.

Kerry - it is a beautiful part of the country. I didn't realise we were so close.

Dotty said...

That looks like a lovely place to stay. I bet your daughter had great fun getting muddy!!