Friday 11 April 2008

May I Introduce you to...

I thought that I would introduce a new feature and that is where I mention some of my favourite sellers on etsy and beyond.
First of all is a friend who has recently opened an etsy shop - Cloudberry Skies. She makes and sells bags.

It has been ages since I made anything. I did recently list two items of vintage clothing and they sold. At the moment I am teaching myself crochet. It is hard because I am used to knitting and I am having to get used to holding the crochet hook and yarn in a whole different way than two needles. I will persevere.
A book that I would like to recommend is 'Beginner's Guide to Crochet' by Pauline Turner, published by Search Press. It is really good and shows the basics steps and has lovely patterns for the beginner and more experienced crocheter (!) as well.


Lala!! said...


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Sorry to hear about your nephew. If you want to chat or his parents want to chat you know where I am ! Hope you can pop back again soon! Chris ( peggypeg) An email link is available top right of my blog page if you would prefer! Chris

Lala!! said...

Hi! Forgot to ask just out of interest how did you find my blog? Thanks! Chris (Peggypeg!)