Sunday 1 March 2009

Snapdragon Beads

Isn’t it lovely when you receive something through the post? Better still when it is something you won in a blog giveaway, and best of all when it is from the talented Alice of Snapdragon Beads.
I entered her blog giveaway and won a pair of gorgeous earring. They are so lovely and intricate.
Do have a look at her work, she does the most amazing bead woven pieces.
In her etsy shop you will find these simply divine pendants.

And I think my favourite at the moment is theseVery Berry Octahedra Earrings

One of the reasons I love them so much is that they remind me of the blackberries we pick in the Autumn on Portsdown hill. I see these earrings and I am transported back there with berry juice on my clothes and the taste in my mouth.

And the other reason I love them is that they are fantastic! They look good, are wonderfully crafted and will look stunning in your ears.
So have a look at her shops, you will be sure to find beauty there.

Snapdragon Beads at etsy
Snapdragon Beads at Artfire
Snapdragon's Blog


M. Céu Fernandes said...

Wow. Great work!
I wish you a wonderful week!

Mixing-Katie said...

Mmmmmm...I've never picked blackberries before, but it sounds great! Lovely earrings.