Tuesday 21 April 2009

Cast Not a Clout till May is Out

Skirt for M
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Or in other words don't put away your winter clothing too soon.
This is something my mum used to say when we wanted to wear our pretty Summer cotton dresses in April. I always thought it was the month of May but actually think it is the plant

Well, she hasn't worn it yet but I have made my girl a pretty summer skirt.

I bought this gorgeous fabric from Holland Fabric House on etsy, to make something with to sell in my own etsy shop. But it was so lovely I knew I had to make something for my girl (and my mum said I should!).

After searching for ages, I found a free pattern on the lovely blog of Oliver + S. It is such a simple pattern so if you have a little girl, I urge you to try it.

So check out HollandFabricHouse and Oliver + S.

When May is out, I will show you a picture of the girl herself wearing the skirt.


Nicola said...

But cute skirts like that look so cool over nice thick winter tights. A kinda Winter/Spring Fusion look, lol
Nicola x

Laura Trevey said...

it almost feels like summer in Richmond today!! 96 degrees :)