Monday 27 April 2009

We won!!

Ringo won!!
Thank you to everyone who voted for me in Feltmeup Design's wonderful competition.

A big thank you to Feltmeup for being such a gifted creator, and for running the competition And well done to everyone one else. All the designs were so brilliant it was a close thing, and extra special that Ringo won.

Do check out Feltmeup Designs. She is amazingly talented and has a lovely shop.

Feltmeup Designs at etsy
Feltmeup Designs blog

I thank you. And Ringo thanks you!


Nicola said...

Well done fabulous result!!!
Nic xx

purplecat said...

well done !

Storeyshop said...

Hello Alix,
Thank you for entering my first giveaway. You have won! I'll send you a convo through Etsy to find out what design you'd like on your personalised card.
Great blog too :)

cherylline said...

He's got similar hair to my Boyfriend.

I love it, well done on coming first yeah....