Wednesday 2 September 2009

Last Days of Summer

As I am writing this the rain is pouring outside, the ironed school uniform is hanging up and Little Blue's new shoes are waiting in their box.
But we did have a lovely last few days and here are some photos of our visit to what we call The Sandy Park.

Children playing on the swings.

Including some rather big children!
Then we walked home round the creek. The tide was out.

In this one you may be able to see Spinnaker Tower in the background.

So now back to normal. Little Blue is now in Year One. I am returning to work after my lovely 4 weeks holiday. I have already marked half-term on my calendar and counted the weeks. But at least I will have my mornings free to get some sewing done.


AMIdesigns said...

Ah, what a big step for you both! Love the pics and the bright blue sky

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

it's been lovely to read about your holidays!
My son starts school tomorrow and he looks so tiny in his uniform, time flies by so very quickly.

Bigbluebed said...

Time does fly by. It seems like only a little while ago we were getting her ready for her first day in reception.

Glamglass said...

Summer just flew by this year though!! Love the look of those swings!!

cherylline said...

Oh good luck to the little one, starting year one, Wow.

Talking of time flying by, it seems like two minutes ago when my son started school. This year he'll be finishing collage and has recently turned 18.
BBB Treasure every minute, it's true what out mums said, it only seems like yesterday. ??!