Wednesday 28 July 2010

Button Wednesday - Handmade Finds & Pearly Kings

It is Button Wednesday again!

I was going to just show you some yummy handmade buttons that I found over on etsy. Which I will do anyway.

But then I read P8s Buttons and Fabrics blog, and it reminded me of Pearly Queens and Kings. Now many of you may never have heard of them. They are a London thing. It started in the 19th century by Henry Croft and continues to this day. Pearly Queens and Kings sew on hundreds and hundreds of pearl buttons to their suits, and they raise lots of money for charity. You can read more about it here.

Here are the promised button yumminess:

Handmade Fabric Buttons Water Splashes ;

Set of 8 One-of-a-Kind Buttons;

Crackled Ceramic Buttons Frost White;

Organic /crocheted Summer Beads

And here is a couple of wonderful Pearly Kings

I did try to get the photo smaller but did not manage it and anyway you can see the details of the clothes this way!

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kraplap said...

Great post Alix ! and you find some lovely handmade buttons on Etsy. Made once a blog post about the pearlies too: . My mother made once a doll in pearly costume, but I have no idea where this doll went; pity.
Thanks for playing along in my Button Wednesday !