Saturday 19 February 2011

Shopping in Cath Kidston

There is a new Cath Kidston in Gunwharf.

Although I do like her stuff, when I was in Winchester nearly everyone had a Cath Kidston bag of some sort.  So I was a bit dismissive of it.

Then I went in the shop and I was like a little child in a sweetshop (or a 42 year old woman in a sweet shop *sucking on her liquorice sticks*).

I saw some lovely things. The flowery stuff a bit much but to be fair I think that is because there are so many rip offs in the High Street right now.

And of course that is the trouble. Cath Kidston does beautiful fabric and designs and they are popular. And because they are so recognisable you do spot people with them.  I don't know - is this such a bad thing?

I know one of the things I love about handmade is that you get something few people have and at least no-one in the street where you live.

However, because someone does lovely designs and becomes popular I should not be so dismissive of them. But support them in their endeavours. Maybe.

Anyway, it is one for discussion.


AMIdesigns said...

I agree. I love the designs but have subconsciously avoided buying Cath Kidson because it's everywhere. And there are so many rip offs!

Apryl said...

i'm not big on a lot of flowery things but I do like some of the Cath K things. It is a beautiful shop. But so expensive though. I normally only ever walk away with a few fabric samples and a cup or hair bobble. The last time I went to the one in York I made a doll out of one of the fabric samples and gave it to Katy (I'm a ginger monkey). :o)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

hmmm . . . well i've never been in the shops but seen her stuff everywhere and i can't justify paying that kind of money on mass produced stuff. I like it but as already said it's a bit flowerey for me - the polka dot stuff is nice.
i just won her two books in a competition and they are lovely looking books but i can't see me making anything from them.

gtlady said...

I love Cath Kidson but agree I have never bought anything as it is way to expensive.. I like it beacuse I do think it is well designed but like you said, it is EVERYWHERE and that does put me off, while I would quite like one of her bags I would never(cost aside) really use one though as I would look like loads of people that I don't want to look like, I think like you said it is easy to be dismissive of the popularity, maybe if we sort of appreiate it from afar?? Or really am I just a popularist snob, if thats the right word!

noodleBubble said...

I much prefer to have something no one else has...and for that would pay money for...NOT mass produced pieces... I'd rather support the little makers...

Her success IS phenomenal though...

Nic :) said...

Love your blog, have given it a "stylish blogger award" because every post makes me smile!

Hope you're well!
I am loving your posts!