Monday 31 October 2011

New Week, New Day, New Things - Day One

I am going to try and make as much as I can each day, without losing quality of course.  It is not so much that I want to make lots and lots; I just want to make something each day.  So I thought I could share here. There will be days when I cannot make anything but that is ok so please do not give me a hard time.

So let us begin. Today, Day One, I made

A HeadBand:-

 It has two flowers. One chocolate brown velvet with tweed button and...
 one tweed with chocolate brown velvet button.

 I also made one shoe clip in brown tweed, with mustard yellow button.
I have to go to work soon so will make the other shoe clip tomorrow. There you go I have something planned already!

So catch up with you then.


Unknown said...

Cool idea - I wish I could commit to something like this. I love the headband too its really cute x

Heather Leavers said...

I'm impressed!

I'm not sure I've seen shoe clips before, I look forward to seeing how they "work"

noodleBubble said...

Keep buying tweedy clothes to 'cut and make' from and then can't bring myself to cut them up...

...yours look fab - may dare make a cut

kisses - hope all well X