Wednesday 4 January 2012

Christmas Garland Tutorial

As I was about to put the decorations away, I remembered that I wanted to share with you the garland that my daughter and I made.  I tend to call them garlands as I don't like the word 'wreath' as it has overtones of the funereal about it.

 Anyway I had a foam ring for ages and thought finally time to use it.  So we collected a few things we might use - a little robin and the felt deer and angel from a craft shop in Lewes.  The stickers came out of Christmas crackers.  We were going to use yarn but I suddenly had the inspiration to use ribbon or braid. Mary made a sequined picture for her little cousin as a present and we had lots of sequins and the pins left over.

So first I wound the ribbon round the ring.  Then I filled in the gaps with the sequins, attaching them using just the pins. This was a long job and to amuse myself in some places I made patterns using just a few colours.

Next I pinned on the robin, and then Mary stuck on the stickers and felt bits.   As I took it down today, I glued these all on so hopefully they will still be attached next year.

So when I say my daughter and I made it, I did all the boring, fiddly jobs and she had the fun of sticking on the last final touches.

I was rather impressed when we finally hung it on the door Christmas eve.  In the gloom of our hall (we live in a flat) it looked pretty good, and the sequins sparkled nicely in the light.

I call this a tutorial - but the tutorial is: - get a ring and have fun sticking things on. 

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