Monday 9 January 2012

Crafteroo Pinterest - First Finished Project - Rag Rug

I am taking part in the Crafteroo Pinterest Project Challenge.  The aim is to try and make (at least) one project from our Pinterest Board each month.  Actually I put the 'at least' there - I will be lucky if I manage to make one a month - you know me!

Here is my Crafteroo Pinterest challenge Board.  Anything I make I am moving to the new board which is the Finished Project Board.

And my first project uses more than one project - hurrah!!  It is a rag rug made out of t-shirt yarn.

I used my daughter's old pyjamas.  Don't worry she has plenty more. I used this tutorial to make the t-shirt yarn but as I didn't have anything without seams, I had to adapt it which is why my rag rug has more knots and bit of fabric sticking up. I also had this tutorial on my board which is more or less the same.  

Pyjamas cut up

The Pyjamas have been cut up and cut into strips, and yanked to make 'curled' yarn.

Near the beginning

Finished Rug

Not very tidy! But still nice

When making my rug I used my Christmas pressie 20mm crochet hook.  I made the pattern up really - just started crocheting a few rows to make a rectangle and then the next row, and then on, crocheted all around until I ended up with rather a nice shape, and until I ran out of yarn and patience.  But here is a nice tutorial from my Pinterest board to show you rugs.

Amazingly enough I did it all in one day. Yes indeedy. Which is why I have rather sore arms now and a callous on my finger.

My daughter liked it and is is destined for her room but first she wants me to embroider her name in the middle.  I think this sort of thing is rather a nice project to use old children's clothes because as I used the different ones I remembered the age when she wore them, and often who gave them to her.  A nice memory.  A a fun project.

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Unknown said...

That's so many good things rolled- or rather, crocheted- into one, brilliant :)