Saturday 3 March 2012

Do Not Be Horrible!

In my last post I wrote about and showed you photos of my daughter in her Snowy Dog costume.  Well I think she looked brilliant and I know lots of you did too.

Well, and in truth I am very near tears writing this, some of the children at her school were horrible to her.  Some thought she was a rabbit and some were just nasty.

We are trying to build up her confidence so such things don't matter. But they do.  She seems ok now and is determined to think that it was a good costume.  Otherwise, I am so worried that she will look back at that day not with happy memories but with all the horrible feelings associated with some children's nastiness.

She was so excited about going in and was counting down the days. To then have her come home upset is terrible.  In the evening I was wiping the white face paint off her face and she said ' there isn't too much left as lots came off when I was crying today'.  That breaks my heart.

She is only 8.  She is still a child. What is wrong with a child dressing up in a dog costume for World Book Day?  You know we made an effort.  We didn't just get her Disney Princess outfit out of the cupboard.

I am sharing this with you as I do feel the need to share my feelings.  So sorry for this rant.  But also if you have children please be nice, then they will be nice to others too.


Dotty said...

I am so sorry that your poor daughter had this horrid experience. I thought she looked wonderful and I could see that you had made a special effort. I'd be mortified to think my child had said unkind things and made another child cry-so awful! Children can be so cruel, but it does make you do wonder where it comes from:s I really hope she can remember it as a positive day and focus on the excitement of wearing her fantastic costume and not the mean comments of a few thoughtless people. *hugs*

Heather Leavers said...

oh poor Snowy :-( I thought she looked lovely. I remember both as a parent and as a teacher that some children got put in the same old Disney costume they'd wear as long as it could be squeezed into, others had parents (like you) who made tremendous effort. My own "finest hour" was making Asterix the Gaul's helmet from a margerine tub and cardboard. I bet the kids who were mean were jealous.

Rona Gregory said...

Aw...that is horrid! I can't think of anything to say at all except to give her a hug and remind her that people who say nasty things about stuff you've made are often really just jealous because they didn't make theirs, and maybe had no-one to help them or encourage them to. Tell her she looked wonderful and that she is very lucky to have something unique and not an off the shelf dress-up costume that everyone else has.

hugs to you both xx

Kittypinkstars said...

There is way too much hate in the world.. Working with kids I see what nasty attitudes a lot of them have and it makes me sad... Mary you rocked the party and haters are just rotten to the core.. Sending rainbows to you both.. Noah had a nasty World War Two day and came out crying saying why do people always spoil the fun days... After a swift visit to the school from me.. a cuddle and a bag of sweets we laughed at how pathetic people can be and how we can't change the nastiness in others but how we can try and keep spreading sunshine! BIG LOVE to you both!!! xxx

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

aww that is horrible :(
i think Mary looked wonderful and having made a fur fabric costume myself before i can imagine just how much effort you put in!
Kids can be so mean - i agree with the other comments i'm sure it was purely down to jealousy, the green eyed monster really brings out the spiteful in people.
Chin up Mary - you are a wonderful beautiful little girl,my son thinks you looked great and knew straight away it was a dog and which dog too :D

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you so much!! I have read all your comments to her and it has made Mary's day. She has been wearing the costume today so I am happy as I was worried she might not want to see it again.

Thank you my dear

Anonymous said...

I checked back in to your blog and read this post and wanted to comment too. I find it wholly disgusting and think that parents could go a long way to teach their children how inappropriate it is to make one child feel unhappy. They should be ashamed of themselves. I thought your costume was brilliant, and I enjoy making costumes for my children myself. It is by far so much better to have made a costume with your own time, effort and love than grabbed any old thing laying around *insert Disney princess costume/old halloween witch costume here*.

Lorrie said...

Awwww Alex, I am so sorry for Mary. What rotten little so and sos.

I thought she looked awesome. But, a lot of meanness is about jealousy, and you should remind her of that. I always tell Orla, ignore the mean things people say, and just listen to the good stuff. People whether grown or children are mean because inside they are small and afraid. I tell Orla that.