Tuesday 9 October 2012

Nicky Epstein - Knitting in Circles

I am delighted to be taking part in the Knitting in Circles Blog Tour. Do pop over to the other listed blogs (see my blog post here ) and read their Tour  blog posts. 

Knitting in Circles, is written by the knitwear designer Nicky Epstein, who also write Knitting Block by Block among others. Nicky lives in New York, but has recently crossed the Atlantic to visit the UK.

The patterns of garments and accessories in Knitting in Circles  are lovely and there is a great range from pieces you can knit with just one circle to the amazing many-disced Circle Sampler Afghan. I love the Hoopla Bag and Eternity dress is so beautiful. 

The beauty of Knitting in Circles is that the vast majority is the circles themselves - all arranged gloriously by pattern and type. Nicky takes you from the basic circle shaping to lacing, and on to ruffles, and petals and much more. Thereby giving you a reference book that will allow your circular creativity to escalate in a circumrotatory fashion.  Think of all the wonderful things you can create. 

Nicky was kind enough to answer some questions (asked by my wonderful readers) :-

One problem that faces a lot of small business is copyright issues.  Have you had any problems with people copying your work and do you have any specific thought about it?
I deal with it on a daily basis, and it makes me feel very sad that someone has to copy my work. The idea of asking permission and given book credit has been lost along the way. Recently a person won a design contest with a prestigious craft company with an exact copy of design of mine that had been published years ago. A few fans of mine recognized contacted the craft company and it was awkward for them. But as they say on the New York subway “If you see something…say something”. Thankfully, publishers are becoming more vigilant and cracking down on the offenders.
How do you start your designs and what inspires you?  Do you start with the yarn, or a particular stitch you fancy using, or do you sketch?
I get my inspiration from everywhere and everything, depending on my mood, and I like to start with a sketch so that I remember the inspiration. But, I am often inspired by a great yarn or a unusual stitch pattern. The process varies from project to project.
Do you ever look at something you have knitted, and wonder how you did it?
Yes! Overwork sometimes dulls my memory and it’s frustrating. But that’s when I consult my own books. After all I’m very close to the person that wrote them.
How many people try out your patterns for you before they are published?
Me, my knitters, my instruction writer for format, my proof readers, and the publisher’s proof readers. My husband would be on the list if he could knit!
Do you find any differences in designing for particular markets, for instance the UK and the U.S.A?
Not really…I try to design for everyone regardless of culture. Even though I know a certain piece might not be made by everyone, I want people to say “Wow!” or “How did she do that!”

Thank you Nicky for your great answers which will be pertinent to crafters everywhere.

Nicky will be appearing on QVC tomorrow October 10th,  and then will be on the GMC stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show from the 11th - 14th to sign copies of Knitting in Circles and run Make & Takes.

If you cannot make it you can always visit her website at www.nickyepstein.com

Tomorrow's Blog Tour stop will be at by ConnieLene Johnston at http://www.connielene.com/category/connieleneknits-blog/

Knitting in Circles can be purchased from http://www.thegmcgroup.com/.

But for you lucky readers, I am giving away a copy of Knitting in Circles. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. The winning number, which will be randomly COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED


Heather Leavers said...

Great questions, great answers - and prize of the week must go to the fabulous phrase "a reference book that will allow your circular creativity to escalate in a circumrotatory fashion"!!

LindaR said...

I'm really looking forward to this book. I have quite a few of Nicky's books already and find them a great source of inspiration!

meppybn said...

Nicky is a great designer and would love to have another of her books - just a little different yet very wearable/usable! The circle bag is on my list now!!

Goblinf said...

excellent blog round for the book. still have no real idea how circle knitting works: but if I won the book I would!

Debbie said...

I would love a copy of the book. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It looks a fantastic book! What a nice review!

schwip said...

It would be a welcome addition to my knitting book library!

Anonymous said...

really good questions and answers :)

Linda@SquabbleHollow said...


Has anyone else had a problem with the instructions for Hoopla bag ? I ran out of the Nor'easter yarn and also noticed that the colors on the picture of finished purse were different than instructions. For example, the five ridged circles look like the Forest green color but the instructions called for the pumpkin color. Also, there appears to be more than two five ridged circles which the instructions called for in the picture. I am going out of my mind because i followed the instructions very carefully, so if someone else had a problem with the directions please let me know. Thanks, Linda