Tuesday 23 October 2012

Pigs in Tweed

In my last post you saw one of my new pocket pigs, so tiny they sit happily on top of a cotton reel, or in your pocket. Here are all of them, so far:

They are all made from the same pattern (my own) but due the the different fabrics and their own innate pigginess, they have different looks and character.

Green pig is quite slim and perky.

As the oldest, Brown and Mustard Pig is a bit wise.

Purple Pig is a bit plump and frivolous.

All pigs are available now in my etsy shop.  


Bimbolles said...

Lovelly pigs!

Dotty said...

So cute!

Nic :) said...

I love them! They're so in tune with female fashion at the moment :)