Friday 3 April 2009

Clearing & Cleaning & Decorating

This last couple of weeks we have been decorated and sorting out our little flat.

It was mine before I met Paul, he moved in with all his stuff and then we had our daughter.
So the flat was getting a bit full.

But not so much anymore. The local charity shops have benefited. And I found a big bag of craft things from years and years ago. I have had fun this morning having a look through - embroidery, lace-making, knitting, teddy-bear making were all represented in this one bag.

The teddy bear components are going to a charity shop, I am keeping the bobbins as I enjoyed lace-making and want to do it again one day. I will use the embroidery silks. Included in the yarn are lots of Rowan and Yaeger yarns unused and still in their skeins with their labels - so I might use them or might destash and put them up for sale.

I will let you know what else I find!!


Vicky x said...

It's like finding treasure, isn't it? Hope you find some lace making time soon. Vicky

Bigbluebed said...

Thanks Vicky. It is like finding treasure. Unfortunately I didn't find my lace cushion so will have to ge hold of a new one.