Friday 10 August 2012

Summer Holidays Fun Fun Fun

It is half way through the holidays, and it has gone so quickly!  We have been out and about doing this and that.

We have spent a lot of time watching the Olympics and it has been wonderful! Very inspiring (more of which in another post).

Here are a few photos of things we have been doing.

At the local Splash Pool, the water was lovely.

Mary and Snowy enjoying the water.

Mary at the Portsmouth City Museum Charles Dickens exhibition

My sister enjoying herself at the Museum

Mary in the Stocks as she deserves, at  The Dockyard, Portsmouth
Mary and a friend. Henry VIII who she knows well because of Horrible Histories

Bowling, her first time at a proper alley.

We have another 3 weeks of the Summer holidays to go, inlcduing a few days in Disneyland Paris, and two nights in London. Happy days here we come.


Dotty said...

Looks like you have been having fun! The blue skies really help, don't they! Hope you have lots more fun in the remaining weeks of the holidays:)

Bigbluebed said...

Oh yes the lovely blue skies and sunshine really do help. Thank you Dotty. Have fun too xx