Tuesday 22 November 2011

Old Portsmouth - Exercises in Fire Rescue

On Saturday we went to a Christmas Fair in City Cathedral, Old Portsmouth.  Afterwards we decided to walk along the front.  Old Portsmouth is one of my favourite places.  It used to be rough and ready and not a place you would want to go to at night (unless you were a certain type of person looking for certain things). Ok, I am talking about a couple of hundred years ago.

Now it is a very desirable place in Portsmouth.

My Great Aunt used to live in one of the houses there (before the area became expensive), and we have visited it lots.  I got had my wedding reception there too.

If you walk along from Southsea along the front, it is a lovely walk.

On Saturday we were lucky enough to catch some firemen doing an exercise.  They extended the ladder very very high.

Then swung it over the walls to the beach.

And on the other side they picked up an 'injured' person to take them to safety.

It was all very interesting.  These, by the way, are the  Hot Walls.  People come to sunbathe and in the middle on November, there were a couple of men in down tot heir bathers trying to get the sun.  Believe me, you are lucky I did not take a photo of that!


Rona Gregory said...

Oh my Gosh Portsmouth...so lovely to see a little bit of 'home'. I lived in Bognor Regis and my partner worked at HMS Nelson so Pompey was a frequent haunt for shopping and socialising! We often used to go to this little bit of beach too.

Thank you for sharing these... you brightened my day!


Bigbluebed said...

I am so pleased Ro. It is nice to brighten someone's day. Everytime I think I don't like this city there is always the reminder of the lovely bits of it.