Wednesday 16 November 2011

Places I love - Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Sometimes you go back to a much beloved childhood favourite place, and it is a big disappointment.  Not this time!  I haven't been to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum for years and years.  I think we used to call it Singleton but that is the name of the village next to it.

You visit Weald and Downland and it is almost like stepping back in time.  There are houses and buildings saved and moved to the museum, from the 13th to 19th century. All set in lovely countryside, with woods and a pond.

A view over the village. There are other houses dotted about the site.

We went this time because they had a Christmas Craft Market. All over the site were lots of stalls with lovely people selling their wares.

We visited the houses, and peered into their nooks and crannies and talked about them with the wonderful guides that were there.

There was one house, and I am sorry but I have forgotten which, where two ladies were baking bread.  Although when we popped in they were still kneading.  It was a lovely sunny day and we went into this room which at first appeared pitch black.  You thought 'how can anyone live and work in such a dim light' but after a while your eyes adjusted and it seemed so nice after the glary bulb lighting we have at home (I know I would say different if I had to sew in such a light).

My very modern girl in front of a lovely cottage.
Then in another the fire was lit and I thought I could happily sit in the wooden chair watching the fire all day.

My sister and I agreed that we would move into one of the cottages if we could.  For the summer months anyway!

My daughter enjoyed herself having her face painted and doing some painting herself.

It was lovely to see all the dogs too as we are all great dog lovers.

I have to admit that although there was a lovely atmosphere, I would go again in a quieter time when I could appreciate the houses a bit more because although we could look in the ones nearer the wood, the ones in the main square were packed full of people.  And a word of advice, if you go to the Craft Fair next year  please go early as it does get packed later on and you will have a wait for parking too (we went early and saw lots of people queuing to come in as we left).   However, it was wonderfully organised and a great day.

I bought some flour that was milled in Lurgashall Mill, on the site.

I also bought home some leaflets with details of courses. You can also see them on the website here.  I think I would happily do any of those courses.

I hope to do back soon and visit.  

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